It is the difficult horses that have the most to give you and teach you if you are patient.

                                                                               -Author Unknown

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Welcome to Vinland Stables

     Welcome to Vinland Stables LLC.  We are a Horse Boarding facility that welcomes all deciplines of riding and skill levels.  We opened our barn doors in the summer of 2006 and it has been so exciting to meet so many great people and wonderful horses through the years.  We are a full service boarding facility and our mission is to make sure that the horses in our care are safe and comfortable and happy.  We believe that horses are much happier in their work and it is mentally and physically better for them to be outside during the day to play and interact with other horses.  We know that in the state of Wisconsin,  the weather can be very tricky at times and it can be hard on the horses, so we try our best to keep a watch for the weather and keep them happy.  We will always work very hard to make sure the herds are compatable and that horses are not being picked on.  There is nothing that is sweeter than to see two horses buddy up together and when the horses are playing.  We treat each horse like they were our own and we hand walk in and out our horse from the barn to the paddocks.  This also gives us a chance to look at them morning and night and to make sure they are doing good.  p4180096

     If you are a person that likes to show or you like to trail ride,  you will find many people here with common interest.  If you are just learning or need help with your horse,  we will try to help you as much as we can.   If you are looking for a trainer and would like to have one come to Vinland Stables, that is fine. We also have a great trainer housed here.  We have a wonderful group of people here at our barn that are always helping each other out.    

    David and Sheri Grunska along with their daughters Kaeli & Lauren,  own and operate Vinland Stables.  We also have wonderful people that help us at the barn and are knowledgeable about any horse concerns that might come up. 

   If you are looking for a positive and fun atmosphere and a safe place to learn and ride,  please give a call for a tour.  We would love to show you around.