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established in 2006, serves the eastern Wisconsin region as a full care boarding facility and equestrian center.  Catering to all levels of riders and varieties of disciplines, owners David and Sheri Grunska operate and maintain Vinland Stables along with an experienced and knowledgeable staff. All this makes Vinland Stables a safe, positive atmosphere for both horse and rider.



is to make certain that the horses in our care thrive.  We believe that horses are much sounder mentally and physically if allowed outside during the day to play and interact with other horses.  Wisconsin's weather doesn't always cooperate, but seize every opportunity for turnout.  We select compatible groups to keep the pasture mood harmonious.  We treat every horse as our own, and hand walk each horse from barn to paddock.  This individual attention assures every horse is monitored to the fullest extent.


Competitors and trail riders alike are sure to find fellow boarders with common interests and skill levels. Vinland Stables is home to several top-notch trainers, and offers on-site lessons, coaching and training.      


Vinland Stables, Neenah, WI
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